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How to Use

Using GT Mobile is simple Just click below to learn more

  1. International Calling
  2. National Calling
  3. International Roaming
  4. Check Your Balance
  5. Sports News
  6. Voicemail
  7. Text Messaging
  8. Top Up Vouchers
  9. Topping Up
  10. Conference Call

International Calling

GTMobile offer some of the best rates for International calling from your mobile, with the added convenience that you simply dial the number direct from your phone. There is no need to dial access numbers or enter any codes.

National Calling

GTMobile offer you great value on making calls to other Netherland landline and mobile telephone numbers. You will also receive great call quality on every call.

International Roaming

If you travel abroad, you can take your GTMobile with you. Click here to see where you can use our roaming service, and how much it will cost. Remember that you will pay for both outgoing and incoming calls whilst you are roaming.

Check Your Balance

You can check your balance anytime by dialling 1244 to hear your balance, or dial 1344 to receive an SMS with your balance details

Sports News

Check the latest football & cricket news using your GTMobile by dialling 0207 713 381. Sports news & services are provided by Ltd


With your GTMobile service, you need never worry about missing another call. Our voicemail service will take a message for you if you cannot answer the call. To retrieve your messages just dial 1233 or 91# from your GTMobile
To retrieve your messages from another phone, dial +31 684001233 and enter your Voicemail PIN.

Text Messaging

You can send and receive text messages with other mobile phones around the world. Once you have typed your message, simply enter the number and press send. When sending abroad, include the full international dialling code.

Top Up Vouchers

You can purchase Top Up Vouchers from retailers throughout the Netherlands that display the GTMobile Logo. You can purchase vouchers in denominations of 10€ & 20€.

Topping Up

Once you have purchased your Top Up Voucher, scratch the silver panel off and dial 1244. When prompted enter the number using you phone keypad.

Conference Call

With GTMobile conference Call, you can talk to up to 3 people at the same time. Dial your first number and when your call connects press **, wait for the voice prompts and dial the next persons number, they will automatically join your call when they answer.